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Date de parution : 30/03/2012

Durée : 0:03:29

Style : Children's Music

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Jason: red!
Jacob: mixed with yellow makes orange, you fine fellow
Jason: oh why thank!
Jacob: mixed with yellow makes green
Jason: what do you mean? blue!
Jacob: mixed with red makes purple
Jason: do i see a circle?
Jacob: colors make other colors
Jason: what a scene

Jason: ok, lemme mixed with green
Jacob: green (or turquoise)
Jason: mixed with yellow!
Jacob: makes yellow-green...
Jason: well that's not a very exciting...
Jacob: sorry about that...a bird singing sweetly, makes a very pretty sound,
Jason: but look! green mixed with red,
Both: makes brown!!!!

Color wheel color wheel
Pink like a salmon
Or yellow like cornmeal
Jason: whether shiny like a ribbon
Jacob: or with a duller appeal..
Both: colors mixed with colors makes other colors real

Jason: red like an apple
Jacob: or a fire truck
Jason: blue like the sky
Jacob: or like the sea
Jason: yellow like the sun
Both: or like a lemon
Peter: that's the one
Jacob: well my friend, we have begun
Peter: i think i agree

Color wheel, color wheel! pastel like a painting or electric like an eel
Whether you match them or you mix them
Our prices are a steal!
Colors mixed with colors make our lovely color wheel

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