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Date de parution : 11/05/2010

Durée : 0:02:57

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Rip out ya skeleton i'm somethin like davidian i'll catch you while ya sleepin put a hook through ya jugular then climb out your window i'm the scarecrow muderer

Rip out ya skeleton burn the flesh i'm somethin like davidian david koresh i'll catch you while ya sleepin put a hook through ya jugular then climb out your window i'm the scarecrow muderer

(verse 1)
Bury my corpse and turn it upside down so i don't claw through my coffin crawlin up out the ground cause you don't wanna see a pissed off blood suckin motha fucker rabies infested just like a rat from the gutter. frothy at the mouth teeth sharper than a needle one function in my cranium is go and kill people and i'm good at what i do really ask any body the dead don't talk but you can see how many bodies go missin and i'm wishin i could catch you all alone sink my fangs in ya veins leave ya drained to the bone like a human juice box with straw in ya eye socket cut ya tongue out and put that bitch in my pocket.


(verse 2)
Semen from a demon and the heart of a gypsy mixed them both together when the wicth is feelin tipsy add a little liqour little x a little blow and what do ya get next the mother fuckin scarecrow always ready for the murder all about a homicide seen crawlin out the window on the day ya momma died and on the day ya momma cried when she found you in bed with ya throat slit skull spilt decapitated head blood drippin form the ceilin and the words on ya door read ya better run and hide because i'm comin for ya whore i'm the sickest of the sickest and i got a little sickness never leave em breathen never leave a fuckin witness.

(chorus x2)

(verse 3)
I'll leave a hole in ya brain like you was kurt cobain i'll make it rain out ya vein but no my name ain't wayne ya feel the pain when ya strain choked out with a chain and i don't do it for the fame these blood stains ain't a game rip your spine up out the skin and go to tell your next kin kill them one by one with grin and do it all a fuckin gain i'm gone like the wind when i open your gut every incision with percision lovin every single cut and i'm bathin your ya blood til i'm the color a red take the crayola out ya artery and color you dead.

(chorus x2)

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