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Marty Falle

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Date de parution : 21/09/2011

Durée : 0:04:59

Style : Country

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It was like stepping into a cathedral of ponderosa pine
A gentle rain brings the sweet smell of sagebrush all along the eagle river
Romance and ardor imbue my aching heart once again
Oh colorado take me home.

Oh colorado, my sweet colorado it wont be long until im back home to you
Oh colorado shower me with your sunshine, oh colorado take me home

I see a silvery daisy in the windswept snow
Reminds me of you, and the you i used to know
Will i ever have the chance to love again?
How i love you colorado

Hearts rise in the clouds of glory, above the granite peaks of the rocky mountain sky
The song flight of a lark bunting echoes down the valley
Oh colorado, shower me w/ your sunshine
Oh coloradotake me home
(full orchestration solo)
Isnt this the place she wrote america the beautiful?
Isnt this the place we fell desperately in love?
Like the routt forest that rolls on and on forever
I pledge my endless love for you
How i love you colorado

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