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Vision Of Disorder

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Date de parution : 13/07/1998

Durée : 0:06:08

Style : Rock

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Pathetic creatures, walking endless
Pathetic species lost in a myth
Breeding like rats
Glorious glimpse at the heavens

Casting down on shallow threads
Over horizons that lay unlimited
Sunlight upon my face, crazy world, crazy girl
Lost in the sunlight, slaughtered, murdered

Over tragic century
Spreading, claiming a victim's plea
Don't find me misleading, deceiving
I am what i seem, a symbol a product a broken culture

But bruised, stoned, drunk, walking dead
I don't need your conclusion
I don't need your reason
I will live the life i wanna live, help me jesus i can't

Give what they want me to give
Only lost highways i stray
Towards the sunlight
Where no one dares to wear a face

All colors blend into sunlight
Rain down on me, crazy world, crazy girl
In the sunlight what of the horrors, what of the hate?
What of the fear that we all face?

In you, in me because of our skin
We separate, retaliate
The colors collide in attempt to fuckin' survive
A twisted culture

Into the streets again, we all try to defend
A sacred place to feel safe
It's like a mockery of a society that's been laid
To waste with no chance

A place of broken dreams
A place where nothing seems just
What it seems to be
I try to open my eyes to a much brighter light

But it seems to be dying
Taking us to the grave

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