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Brendan Adams

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Date de parution : 27/06/2013

Durée : 0:03:52

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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The son of a teacher didn't learn a lot
Turning time with the hopeless in a vacant plot
Soaking up the streets in a colourful place
He lives in the spirit behind his face
People they laugh and pull his chain
While the government perpetuates the peoples pain
Jobs are scarce and life ain't cheap and thus the young brother couldn't get no sleep
Cause he knows
It's there
But the fool won't scare

The ghost in his heart won't go away
The ghost in the heart won't go away
So he feeds it with love till the spirits say
That the ghost must go away

His left sober and undone
And the joy he once found don't make no fun
In moments where he thinks, mother prayed
And father said forget what you have learnt
The street corner light, it offers hope
That he stuffs in a pipe and gladly smokes
And while he's high the ghost it speaks
And his heart's left troubled while it seeks
For heaven and grace
In this place
He walks with a smile on his face
Because he lives in a colourful place
He walks with at sown pace
The soles of his feet above disgrace
The son of the teachers falls in love
With an idea filled with romantic stuff
All too aware of tragic fate
But that's how it is in a colourful place
For all time it's there
But this fool won't scare

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