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Forgotten Tomb

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Date de parution : 13/03/2012

Durée : 0:07:

Style : Heavy Metal

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Kill me - take me to the place
Where my cries will stop forever
And where my memories
Will drown in the sickness of dusk

The shadows of the noose on the wall
Crosses that of my neck
The weight of this sorrow
The need to end it now

This useless existence
The will to end every shadow of my past
A life drowned in misery
A life stained by nausea

No other reason to hang on
To a life without a meaning
Every dream has fallen to ashes
At one with despondency

Alive but so far away
Left alone in a shallow life
Without remorse - without a reason
All my happiness now disappeared

My soul descends into darkness
As her distant smile appears through the fog
No one was here to dry my tears
No one will cry
A colourless reflection of despondency

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