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J.k. Coltrain

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I walked down the stairway
Leavin' life in abilene...
And at the bottom of the steps
Sat a woman crying.
She pointed to my guitar case
And spelled graceland,
Said i see you're in a hurry
But will you lend me a hand?
I sat down beside her
Touched my fingers to her curls.
Felt something i'd never felt before
As i was touching her.
I burned for the big time
Wishin' i was somewhere else..
But the course of my life changed
As i was sitting there.

And if i live to be a thousand
I'll always see my grandma's chair,
Grandpa sitting beside her
Combing her silver hair.
And how he kept her lovin' him
Through all the years they shared,
I'll keep on lovin' you
Comb the tangles from your hair.
Break/repeat chorus
Yes, i'll keep on lovin' you
And comb the tangles from your hair.

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