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Date de parution : 16/12/2009

Durée : 0:03:

Style : Alternative

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We don't have to start a fight,
When it breaks it's the same old thing,
'cause i'll be down on my knees all night,

It never changes anything.
The lessons i know best seems it's the one that's easy to forget,

Didn't think i had to tell you, i thought you'd know,
You're not insane or alone.
It's too late for my tired eyes,

Yeah we could go around like this all night,

If we'd just end it where we left it,

Yeah in the morning we'll forget all about it.
I wonder what i said there,

Seems like everything i say is all wrong,

And those words don't mean anything,
I don't see why they live so long.

And we don't have to start a fight,
No we don't have to start a fight,

Oh we don't have to start a fight,

Oh let's not start a fight.

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