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Au Pairs

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Date de parution : 01/08/2013

Durée : 0:03:51

Style : Rock

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You're one of those who changed the game
You brought in new rules which you obey
And coping, coping, coping or nearly anyway

You mustn't do this, it may affect her
You must give more
Than you take away
Take away (unverified)

But is it real, are you feeling it?
To behave a model for others to follow
Are you feeling it?
Our equal shares, equal share

It's frustrating, aggravating
So annoying, pretend you enjoy it
Am i doing it right?
(yes, it feels right)

It's your turn now but do you want to?
I don't know if you want to

It's inhibiting, restricting
So confusing, now i'm losing count
Can't concentrate
It's another way to fake

Mustn't think about it
Free and at ease
You're not selfish
You're trying hard to please me

Do you like it like this?
(please, please me)
Is your finger aching, i can feel you hesitating
Is your finger aching, i can feel you hesitating

Yes, thank you i got one
Yes, it was nice
Yes, we should go to sleep now
Yes, yes, it was fine
We must, we must do it again sometime

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