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Shane Hebert

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Never seen your face light up so bright
Like the city lights on a summer night
Reach out and guide me over wine and a remedy
You entice me, every move
Every word makes me float in case you didn't know
The red carpet rolls

You come and go (3x)
It can't be so...

Never seen headlights so bright
Between dawn and nightfall
I can't reach out, you're not there
It's something bigger than the both of us

You come and go (3x)
It can't be so...

And in one day i'm afraid to say you're gone

Lyrics and music written by shane hebert
Arranged and composed by shane hebert
All vocals and instruments performed and recorded by shane hebert

Copyright shane hebert 2004 all rights reserved
Unauthorized duplication and/or distribution is a violation of applicable laws

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