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Mac Miller

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I focus, on bein the dopest, to hold a mic
I'm cleverly ending enemies lives with words that i recite
There'll never be anyone better than me
Contenders contendin to be settin the scene
The rookie but still the best on the team
See these cats like sex in a dream
Yall spit the good but aint nothin is real
Ima cut off all your fingers spit you something to feel
Cuz you aint
Touchin the real
I spit an ideal, its surreal
Yeah welcome to the city of steel
Where you can find me kickin back,
Pirate hat, twisted back
Pen and pad, on my lap
Im sippin on a pabst
Im a menace to society, dennis would admire me
Burnin through more rubbers than a tire be
See i speak figuratives
Spittin with metaphors and irony
Variety of ivaread to ease my anxiety
The young masta pass the rules, they dont apply to me
The game got me messed up and taken whats inside of me

And ima, take it from there
Never playin it fair
Got the front up in my way until im makin it there
And as far as im concerned
Shits just bakin so im breakin the chair
On the ground is how im makin it chyeah
Thinkin about how much cake that i can make in a year
Few grams im movin grams, not a day i can spare
Hear the jam as i play in my ear
Psssh its hot like fevers
Hustle hard, sellin pot to feeders
Dippin all across the block
Cops holla if you seen us
Me and ez mac come back like we was jesus
We stayed skeed and my trees is the greenest
I keep a buck sixty in my jeans
Ima genius
So, heed this when we puttin it down
We speak ill, reekin hell
Leave you shook from the sound
I stand tall with my foot in the ground
So if you doubt me, come and see what im about
Come and see my town

So come around, come around
Come around, come around
Into the underground
Come around, come around
We so sick, we got that hunger sound
Come around, come around
Come around
So bet its going down
Come around
Cuz we breakin all sets and we takin the crown

I spit with authenticity
You cant get within the width of me
Surround me by the definition victory
You think you lava, then my vinyl that some shit to see
Speedy flow its sick i need to get some antihistamines
The mista mean,the mista please
I know you pissed at me
Im beatin up you beaters
And dismissin you a mystery
Leavin haters history
Im hurtin you cowards
Heard him out, word him out
Cuz im a person of power
The tv said i couldnt curse
I spit a verse and devour
We ill spoken
Spill minds, rhymes, its still potent
Battle us at real times
Try, youll feel broken
They quotin, but we fire, my rhymes is still smokin
Fo real folks, you better reckon the flow
Cuz yo im comin through your section and im checkin the pros
You better know,
The meckin we the best in the show
The record explodes the second im lettin it go

Check it, respect the method
Man i wreck it
I said it
With an eccentric sentence
The apprentice, will not stop spittin til im breathless
You aint feelin me
Feel free to use the exits
To other mc's that know me to preach
Gonna spend my history to eat every lyric you willin to speak
You still gettin beat each and every battle you havin with me
The champion, you bringin to feat
The fat lady singing the c
Aint nothin change, ima do what the game neva does
With clever stuff im the rapper that ever was and ever will be
The kid with that ill speech
Not quit unless you kill me
Nah, ill probably still be
Spittin from the grave, ill flow mindless
And no need of a brain
Simple and plain
The kid will remain thats in the game
Hittin your chest with flames
Remember the name
Or we came, im at your second game


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