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Tim Chaisson

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Date de parution : 26/02/2013

Durée : 0:03:31

Style : Rock

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Stop the traffic, dismantle the sun
You sent a silence out to everyone
Tell the birds to save their earnest song
Everything is lost since you are gone

Get the trees to still their gentle sway
Subways send your passengers away
Morning, noon and night, one and the same
I wonder will i always feel this way

I had a tidal wave dream
I saw you swallowed by the sea
I woke and the dawn broke me
I think its time i come clean
I miss you so much, its killing me

Warn the sky the clouds have to come to stay
Therell be no more light for me today
Stop the planets orbits in their tracks
Happiness is never coming back

Disconnect the phone and internet
I will try to sleep till i forget
I am signing off, transmissions end
I just wanna see my only friend

I find it hard to hear it when they say
I have to be strong and find my grace
Waiting through the hardship and the space
Praying that we meet again someday

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