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Foxy Brown

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(intro): foxy brown
Murder (murder) na na na murder (murder) na na na
Murder dem, murder dem, mi no competition i gwaan, murder dem

(sizzla) (*foxy brown):
Sexiness you need some of mine (uh huh) come kick it with me shorty
Give me that pussy in the draws
Now let me, work it work it hard yeah (*ah!!!)

(chorus: sizzla) (foxy brown)
Thats fine with me(uh huh uh huh) come fuck wit me girl (whoa)
Wine on my dick(uh huh uh huh) i'm here to rock your world (eh eh!)
Thats fine with me(uh huh uh huh) i'm here to fuck you girl (yes!)
Wine on my dick(dutty) i'm here to woo!!!!!

(verse 1: foxy brown):
Nana got a new drop top (uh huh) come fuck with me, i ain't got a roof i got
Backshots when i ride on cock, plus an attitude like 2pac got
Achoo i spew everytime i come through
With a conundrum but the na na na taste like rum punch
(uh!) make 'em say whoa this pussy's is like dro
You never seen a dread nigga bo (no!!!!)
Cause gal yah wicked (wicked) come kick it with me shorty (shorty)
I throw that pussy like a boomerang
Uh! backshots is what they call me (call me)
Brown fox about go bats
Sex game stronger than barry bonds and his pops
Neck game longer than giraffes
Get on top you cum first like a warning shot, blocka blocka!!!!


(verse 2: foxy brown)
Na na got the streets on lock
In the hood they call me doug e. fresh niggas get beat with the box
Stay deep in the seat of the drop
Like lost change illest bitch in the game got the media locked
Cause i'm a bad girl but i ain't signed to puff
A true bad gal dutty that's what's up
Word to selassie i foxy i wine body i
Get freaky freaky freaky freaky like ladi di
Poor little rappers, all a dem i massacre
Don't even ask, all a dem a mash up
Word to my boy b.i.
Brooklyn we are back, rah!!!! rah!!!! rah!!!!


(verse 3: foxy brown) (*sizzla)
Everytime i drop my shit the dj say (pull up!!!!)
Whip game is sick everytime i (pull up!!!!)
Valentino pumps sick nuh man (pull up!!!!)
Pum pum goody yes the pussy(good oy!!!!)
(*i come get yuh girl yeah i seh dat)
Ice cream tits laid back up in the maybach
(*me make yuh bawl and beg i run yuh red hot)
Nana got di shizzot fox di toppa top (wuy!!!!)


(outro: foxy brown)
Yeah, black roses baby, brooklyn, nana, sizzla kalonji

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