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Blue October

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Date de parution : 10/05/2011

Durée : 0:04:5

Style : Alternative

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The first born, my heart will call truly,
A god-like boy of the sky.
The fog hissed away like a movie,
And serpents go home for the night.
The thundercloud rain hits the freeway.
The clowns put on makeup for show.
The nightfall, my skin crawl kind of evening.
And how the wind she blows.
How the wind she blows.

I want you to come in closer,
Come in closer (repeat: x6)

Come dancing with devils.
Need not know their names.
We'll waltz like an army
For the fear of our pain.
Our souls become useless
As the day they were born,
In a rusted arm rocking chair,
Away from your storm.

But still, the truth remains lethal.
A lie made by man.
Where my shoes become hammers
And my words become sand.
Like a sour patch, a wedding batch
Of roses you threw across my floor,
In the rusted arm rocking chair
Away from your storm

I want you to come in closer,
Come in closer (repeat: x6)

I want you to (repeat: x2)

Just come in closer, in closer...

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