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Grab me
Lift turn me
Switch gently
Move with me
Then touch these
Just squeeze close
Breathe you deep inside
We float so high (repeat)

Verse 1
I think tonight is a good night for us to try to make a baby
Can't stop thinking about the way you kiss me
Boy you drive me crazy
If you come home right now you gonna
Catch me doing something naughty
I'll get right on it once you bring it
Cause i need for you to feel me (oooh)

My body's oiled up
Vicki's ultra sheer
Boy stop what you doing
And get over here
Soon as you walk in the door
You gon' be amazed at what i do to you boy


Verse 2
Soon as you get here
You'll be swimming in love's river
Cause it's flowing
Talking to you about
Just what we gonna do
You got me going (you got me going)
Your body excites me and
I love the way you bite me
Oh so gently (loving the way you gently bite me)
Lift me turn me you better put some pressure on me
Boy it's pleasure

Hand cuff me tightly show me
You're for real
Love the way you touch me
Show me
How to feel
I'm so glad that you came through
#1 lover in me world it's true


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