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Funeral Dress

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Date de parution : 02/05/2004

Durée : 0:02:48

Style : Heavy Metal

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Blowing through the sky
Your instinct's running high
It's calling out your name
Just leave what you became
Start looking for a goal,
A life truly your own.
Better a new course than
Being adopted by society

Come on follow
They'll never catch us moving on
Come on follow
Find out where you belong

Hey, step out of the shade
Your limits they will fade
Get out of their grip,
Into a freedom trip.
Walkin' on your way,
No stopping, no delay.
Take your time, take what you need,
Time and matter don't matter you see!


And when they're beggin'
Don't go back, don't go back
And when it's hurting
Don't go back, don't go back
When it's not easy
Don't go back, don't go back
Don't let 'm break you, no way!


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