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Pretty Maids

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Date de parution : 20/02/1992

Durée : 0:03:11

Style : Rock

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Hey you could be mine
Does it hurt baby
Lay it on the line
Jealousy burns yeah

Don't hide your fascination
If won't change the way you feel

Come on tough, come on nasty
Come on babe it's a free ride
Say you will come on catch me
Come on babe we got all night

You know what i want
What i need so make it bleed
Fire all your guns
Shoot at me
Cut my heart out
Make me scream and shout

Leave you in a trail of passion
I got my wicked ways


Love can be so vain
And baby lock your heart in chains
But in this naughty little game
(and love enslaves you)
Love will find a way

Love strikes you
Delights you
Excites you so

Come on tough...

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