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Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

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Turn my back on no man's gun
Likewise with anyone
It's not so dangerous
It's not a smart thing to do
But if i had my choice
I'd take away his voice
And tell him i might be a clown
But i sure ain't no fool

Everyone seems to be waiting
For some deep thought or emotion
Someone to get the devotion
To what they do
But they don't understand
That when you find that man
He'll be doing it for himself
He ain't doing it for you

Come on train
Can't you see i'm waiting here
Come on train
Come on train
Can't you see i'm freezing here
Come on train

Three is one too many
And one is one too few
Two just makes me lonely
And i can't get along with you
Man standing by the highway
Is lonesome as can be
Man standing by a boxcar
Looks a lot like me

Come on train...

Fearless of flying
But i'm tired of climbing
And this time i've got to go
All the way
And if i don't make it
You can't say i faked it
Or that it didn't matter
What'd i say

Come on train...

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