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Im feelin, im feelin uneven and my socks dont match
To my crew youre my team and i got yo back
Im tired of not sleeping and but its not so bad
Im living out my dreams and my works off for that
Reaching out with my arms tied behind my back
Preaching out in my heart but its time to rap
I reminisce on last night while im loving the track
But one light with gods stand but they running the pack
Somebody let me know when im running on track
Take this knife off my neck and cut me some slack
The purest soul, hes earned em on his son and the black
I stare at the sky feeling like the dirtiest rag
Ugly i stand, suddenly gets our and bled
Devoured by the devil, hes a powerful man
But fathom is my god, so i cant be beaten
But we lack as a whole, he will deliver, cmon

Yea, im just a puzzle chu-- the missing pieces
Called on god so he can be my completion
Songs i faced only last for a season while it rains and pours it was he i believed in
Evils up this earth placed in deceivement
Many feel condemned knowing that he seems them
Knowing that he closes his eyes when he sees sin
Knowing hes as real as the air that we breathe in
Missing church and getting hurt every weekend
Knowing that the only way to heaven is to sneak in
Its not an option no
Understand your not alone as tears flow from your opitic oos
Like a glass of lemonade when i squeeze the mic
Surrounded by snakes with sharp teeth they bite
Rejoicing my pain,
So i sing instead of cry knowing that hes coming back like a thieve in the night cmon

How can we doubt whats always been real
Receive feelings of proof but still denied the truth
Eaten alive, thirsty for ice livin water
Steaks inside, a nice cold bottle of coscia
The gospel being sold out by imposters
Christ paid the price so my sins wouldnt lock us
Cost us a life; knock us outa the game
Group the kill r pain theres only one name
Judge me for my cost but im not going to pay
Its not long distance, hes not far away
The ends of time tried to scared my face
But theres no limitations living in gods grace
Hes eat me fresh and turns my bad into good
Hes not out to burn us just misunderstood
Misconceptions in the minds of the mislead
From misquoted words but thats not what it said
You rather end the wrong contact plus never ask god to reveal what he promised (nah)
Its not always gunna be crystal clear, working out my salvation as i tremble in fear
Tronair to the definition of love, life,from under washing my dirty dishes with this blood
I can see past, the physical realm let god in your heart and become overwhelmed
Still bound, by the spirit of the one (one), who shed his blood for you
He gave us free will, and free tum (tum) but theres consequences for the things we do cmon