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Date de parution : 21/05/2011

Durée : 0:03:03

Style : Alternative

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The symphony in your head
The kind of things i wish that were never said
I had no idea
Break my heart another day.
You lost what you wanted
Did you want it this way?
I had no idea

Come on, i thought we were just having fun
Come on, it's all in your mind she said
Don't be afraid of it, falling in love.

Broken heart, what's the matter?
You knew it was coming,
Boy it didn't change a thing.
I had no idea.
Let it get to you on the way back.
Summertime love, the only thing we
Could have.
I had no idea.

Do what you want if it's on your way back down.
Do what you want if it's on your way back home.

Come on, isn't this fun?

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