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Date de parution : 10/12/2003

Durée : 0:04:11

Style : Rock

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I see you walking, a vision of light
But like an illusion, your beauty fades into the night
Youve got the body, youve got the moves
Youve them oh baby, i know that aint really you
If i could get through, get you out of your shell
Its the heart in you girl, oo woah

Come to my world
Where love and your freedom
Come dance to my rhythm
The rhythm of love
Come to my world
Where you can be real
And express how you feel
Cos i know you want to be loved

Something magic about tonight
Ooh you hide your emotions and wait till the moment is right
Cos once some music gets in your soul
Yeah its just human nature, i know that youll want to let go
If i could get through, its the heart in you girl
Bring you down to my world, oo woah


Wont you come in now baby
The rhythm drives you crazy
Just pick it up and set it free

Ah oh ah oh, ah oh ah oh x2
(chorus) x2

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