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Bill Anderson

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Date de parution : 16/01/2013

Durée : 0:03:12

Style : Country

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( bill )
Tonight in the darkness i was awakened by a knock at the door
And you know at first i thought that it was still a dreem
But you're back and i still can't believe i'm seeing you once more
God it's been so lonely without you where you've been
( mary lou )
Darling i missed you so won't you come walk with me
There's some place we must go there's something you must see
( bill )
You're forgiving me for hurting you why i can see it in your eyes
And as you take my hand we're walking just as we used to do
Where you're taking me won't it ever be surprise it doesn't matter
Just as long as i'll never again be without you
( mary lou )
Darling i missed you so...
( bill )
Why you're leading me down those same green summer lanes
That we so often walked together
And i'm so happy it's all like a dream come true
There's that tree we used to sat under it all comes back to me now
There's the road that leads down to the river where they found you

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