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Town Pants

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The two of us just sitting here together in this room
Everything the way that it should be
You see the way i look at you it makes you turn away
But then i catch you looking back at me
It could all come crashing down when we step outside that door
It makes me wonder what i'm waiting for

I'm going far away
I want you to come with me, come with me
Don't want to stay here for another day
I want you to come with me far away

I'll go and find a lonely island far away from land
With towering palm trees everywhere and miles of shining sand
I'll build a little boat that's big enough for you and me
We won't take very much we can live off the land and sea
Please say that you'll come with me to this island in my head
Don't say you want to stay here instead

But the cold claw of reality has got me by the neck
I know we can't just pack it up and leave this place quite yet
We have to face the real world as sad as that may be
Don't know what problems may arise we'll have to wait and see
But if this little dream becomes reality some day
I'll look you up and you'll hear me say

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