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Ryan Mcmahon

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Date de parution : 15/04/2008

Durée : 0:03:

Style : Rock

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I want to wake up at your place and go downstairs to get the paper
And see my world's not a basket case
Lordy knows i've tried and i've tried to keep it simple and not live a lie
But i don't yet know who i am

Don't you know i sing awful things
I keep coming back to another bad ending
No, i don't want that
I don't want this comeback to fall short

All alone with a coffee-burnt tongue
I want to go home back to when i was young
And i hadn't seen what i saw
Let me say: "let us pray that another dirty wave comes to take us away
To the future so we don't get caught"

The thoughts are almost gone
The night itself is done
And all that's left is song
The voices singing
As one

I want to wake up and you're around no traffic jams, no city sounds below us
To bring us down
Lordy knows there's a better way and don't you know we'll get there some day soon
I hope to god

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