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The Graham Situation

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Slow me down if i'm going too fast
Make me dance, make it rain,
Spin my head around, make it last
I need your hurtful arms around me
I need my crooked comedown to find me
Show me the truth behind your eyes
Your naked breasts beneath the ice
I want those frightening thoughts to guide me
My walls are leaking horror to blind me

You smell like the rain to me
You hold my breath to see,
For how long i can hold on,
How long i can hold on

Blown away on the train out of town
Pick me up, firm your grip
Break me down, break me down
Your eyes have glanced too long behind me
Forever will and always to blind me
But only with you my hands are bound
Tucked down into your grip
About to snap you back if they were to find me
I never thought they ever would find me

But you've always been pale to me
I hold my head high to see
For how long this can go on
This never made no sense at all
And if i'd die before today
Or if i'll lie to stay
This won't ever go away
It'll never be okay

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