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Kat Hopkins

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Yesterday you loved my perfume
Today i seem to stink
I sure know how to clear a room
Yesterday, we left off at swell
Today you say i'm never fun
Left eye blinking, that's your tell

Tell me technically, baby, i've got no right to be angry
Cause you never agreed to anything, really
Never said exclusive, you've got documents to prove it
So how could i blame you now?
If i wanted your heart, then i shouldn't have scarred it
With the shape of my poisonous teeth
As it relates to you, my mouth is a salty sea

Mother said it takes two to lie,
One to deceive, one to encourage
With a state of hostility
I've never lost a friend that way
I couldn't stand to lose
No one ever fought to stay

And so what if i'm still angry,
Important thing is i'm vindicated
And surely its better to stand on your own
Then to give an inch of ground
So why am i picking away at the weekend
Like monday could cut me loose?
As it relates to me, my mouth is a comfortable noose
As it relates to me, my mouth is a comfortable noose

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