Paroles de Comin' at the game

Fredro Starr

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Date de parution : 13/02/2001

Durée : 0:01:23

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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They say if you wanna be the best
You gotta beat the best
So you aren't comin' at the game straight at?
Are you comin' at the game?
You know what i am sayin'?

I'm comin' like that
Umm, firestarr, yeah
Sup my bitches, my niggas
Yeah, fuck us up

Ayyo, we came a long way man
Straight at man, it's been a long time
Coming, i mean straight up
A lot of bullshit out there
A lot of bullshit on the streets
Some weak ass dope

She ain't give me high no more
But, yo, other people money
Ain't nothin' like free
You gotta take that shit
You know what i'm sayin'?

Yeah, ah, ah, ayyo, remember this
Real hustlers keep their ones on top
And real killas keep their guns on cock
You know what i'm sayin'? so let's go

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