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Bubba Sparxxx

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Date de parution : 16/09/2003

Durée : 0:03:21

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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I see you comin' 'round the bend

i just can't think of anything that can make me smile like you can

i see you comin' 'round the bend

i just can't think of anything that can make me smile like you can

there's a portion of the south in the spirit of this song

keep followin' the fiddle, it'll never steer you wrong

i've lived a lot of life so my innocence is blown

i'm headin to the grave to replenish it at most

i've been across the globe and i've seen the worlds charm,

i taught 'em my slang, i didn't mean the world harm

it makes the soul smile to see what i've accomplished

i got up out the woods without a map or a compass

life does change, and the sun does set

but my last breath ain't a one gust yet

as long as daddy know that his son does sweat

the same as he did for that uncut check

i'll sleep fine and a child will come

with the same last name as my poppa's son's

and you can rest assure that my son will know

that his da-da wasn't a one-squeal show


one time for the new south's imminent progression

ain't the good lord so generous with blessings

whenever it was needed he'd send me some direction

i'd gaze up at the sky and take a minute for reflection

is it baby balls, or a miniature erection

it makes you view change with degenerate dejection

pay no nevermind to what the senators confession

he don't really mean it, he just winning his election

nothing they can do to have prevented this obsession

with the vaccination of innocence infection

my heart is behind it if i hint it or suggest it

i finish with aggression but meant it with affection

to the common man at the end of

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