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Kingston Trio

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John stewart

Comin' from the mountains, across the northern plains. it's off to california,
Then back again to maine.
Singin' a song that you all know, then let your voices go. so sing it out, my
Brothers, wherever we may go.

We traveled here, we traveled there, we traveled ev'rywhere. we go by air, we
Go by rail, any place they pay us scale.
Now, repeat the chorus, here we go


The folk group has a banjo because it's really in. i'll let you hear my banjo
Ring when i learn to play the thing!
Now, repeat the chorus, here we go


The boys with davy crockett who died at the alamo, i heard them say when they
Attacked, "i knew this room would kill the act!"
Now, repeat the chorus, here we go

(chorus twice)

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