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In the year of 33, dead man walking on a hill
Carrying a cross on his shoulders
Aasvero was watching him, with his heart so filled by hate
For this man saying he's good

Jesus christ sweating cold, he was tired, so tired to walk
And he fell down on his knees
Aasvero went near to him, just to say: "get up and walk!"
This was the answer of jesus:

"i keep on walking and so you will do, forever until i am back"

Coming from the past, i'm a traveler in time
I have seen a million places, i have lived a million lives
Coming from the past, i will never ever die
I was born to be immortal and i wait for judgement day

For many years i've been walking all alone
Nothing that i can do will change my destiny
Now i am tired to roam because i saw it all
All i can do is wait the ending of the world

Still i roam around the world, i can't stop i have to walk
This is the price for my sins
Even if two thousand years now are gone i can't forget
I'll never forget the words



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