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Too $hort

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Date de parution : 20/01/1995

Durée : 0:05:42

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Bitches keep comin' up $hort
Fuckin' with too $hort, too $hort
Too $hort, too $hort

Bitches keep comin' up $hort
Fuckin' with too $hort, too $hort
Too $hort, too $hort

Now fuck around and get a 5 finger hand plant
Straight across your face
To make sure you bitches understand
That i'm a pimp-mack-player-ass nigga
Not a gentleman, ain't gonna be no sucker-ass swindlin'
I know ya starvin' bitch what you gone eat?
Just because i feed you up i guess you waitin' on me

It ain't goin' be that, you shoulda ate or bought'cha ass a plate
'cuz on this date we just fuckin' till it's late
I ain't romeo, prince charming or knight in shining amour
I'm only out to fuck a bitch, fuck tryin' to charm her
I treat a fine ass bitch like dirt
No money in her purse, a fuck is all it's worth
Lookin' hella good in the club like a ho

Bitch, you need to go find a nigga to buy some mo' drinks
At the bar, fill you up with long islands
While i be all in your face tryin' to fuck smilin'
'cuz short dawg'll never cater to you hos
And if you ain't fuckin' i say, "later" to you ho's
So if you bitches gotta plot
You better get gonna get shot fuckin' with short dawg

Bitches keep comin' up $hort
Fuckin' with too $hort, too $hort

Bitches keep comin' up $hort
Fuckin' with too $hort, too $hort

Bitches be like rabbits swarmin' diamonds and carats
See my car, see my house and they think i'm a sheriff
I ain't never been a marked bitch, you too ballsy
Wanna drive my car closed-up, that's when you lost me
I tell a bitch real quick, i ain't no tootsie roll
All you good fo' is some head and some pussy, ho
And if the pussy and the head tight, we fuck 'em twice
'cuz short dawg ain't nuttin' nice

Bitch jumped in the car, asks me where we goin'?
I'm shorty the pimp bitch, you goin' hoin'
Fucked in the car with my pants and my jacket on
Raged about the pussy, now i'm in the traffic
Now pussy still wet, got my dick in her hand
Lickin' all around it, rollin' through the flat lands

Take her to my strip, never pussy-whipped
Seein' niggas with them bitches, i'd a tossed the pimp
I use to break hos for scrilla, but now it's down now
I'm makin' bank rolls for real-a and rockin' town bitches
Livin' large for a night, turn back into pumpers
When i'm through fuckin', bitches leavin' with nothin'

Bitches keep comin' up $hort
Fuckin' with too $hort, too $hort

Too, too $hort, too $hort
(hos can't fuck with me)
Too $hort
Now break it down to the beat one time
Ol' school, tell ya lil' somethin' about $horty

I'm the east oakland player, lovers are mooshy
I fuck a different ho a day and leave rubbers and pussy
Bitches keep lookin' for some too $hort acts
Squeezin' on a rubber tryin' ta pull it off and make it bust
Bitch might lose her mind if i raw-dig her
Get pregnant, move her in and make ma and pa richer
No more player, no $horty the pimp
I get payed, divert a cheque and get forty per cent

All the homies talkin' bad, hair down, walkin' sad
Got the broad livin' with me, baby sayin', "dad"
Sex played out and ol' $horty's bored getting fat
Then my bitch turn into a rat
I could try to mack again but the bitches won't want me
'cos i'm all washed up, broke, fat and funky
Short dawg is through, people call me todd shaw
All the rappers who was fake gonna mic, got raw

Ugly ho's playin' hard-to-get, sold all my cars
Now i ride the bus and shit
I had a '94 lexus, rolexes, i sold it all
Now i can't afford breakfast, i lost everything i worked to be
Never thought i'd be a trick, payin' ho's to serve me
Shit, snap back, came out of my dream
Shit can really happen if you know what i mean?
But fuck a wife biatch, stay away

Don't wanna own a pussy, keep the babies on lay away
Bitch thought i robbed it, said it was mine
She didn't know i fucked her with a dildo the whole time
Star-struck bitch seein' dollar signs, she think the wad is fine
Playin' games so i taught her mine
Tryin' to play her prayer got caught in a trap
Learnt a lesson from the game that i taught in my rap

Bitches keep comin' up $hort
Fuckin' with too $hort, too $hort

Bitches keep comin' up $hort
Fuckin' with too $hort, too $hort

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