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I gotta make a track with your comments aw fuck man
So stef said to me "lol good luck man"
I wanna suck my cock coz i'm a poof
And fuck a goat while singing moo quack woof
As you can tel my life it prety wack man
What if i was a black gay batman
Olo bla bla bala kai xaxaxa
Antonia the little redhair kai o aaxax
I ran over the president with my green mini
And i said "ahlan wa sahla habibi
We are not alone mousiki x-files
Fuck it i'll do it with the gangnam style
I had a girl who used to love chedar
She said love dies but pizza is forever
S'agapisa m'agapises imastan 1-1 ma pires ta mou kerdises 3-1
My mom found out that i'm a rapist
She told me that i'm a mothafucking gay fish
I gave her a song and said, hey here play
Move bitch get out the way
I saw jimmy savile the pedophile guy
And when i sat on his knee, he told me to get high
I marikkou eshese mu mestin avlin j' eprepen na ta faw gia na ta kamw giallin
You know i like em nutz it's true
See, i'm kind of a nerd noob
I saw my grandma she was like hello
I'm like bitch , i hope you step on a lego
See everybody talks i can hear them "hating on me "
Anevika stin lemonia na ko4w ena peponi
Alla to karpuzi itane varikai mu epese i pantofla wtf gee?
Orange, rly you say ?
I need a big crib out in napa like 2j
We are one untile you get your heart broke
((x2 short fart)) i'm the bomb with the fart jokes
Comments exw grapsei den fovame pia tous ethrous mu giati oi filoi mou m'exoun kapsi
True story i'll sing it out oud " masturbation goes cloud"
What? these comments have got me pulling hairs
Bananas in pijamas are waking down the stairs
"aaa" someone told me tus is the best
Katia kyriakoudi lick my chest
I dont deserve the lollipops flying through the sky
Why, coz i deserve death and i gotta die
Straight out the fucking dungeons of rap
Never give up the fact , i love sex with cats
Roll, roll roll roll your joint, take a sip of wine
Now take a toke then blow the smoke
Then blow your fucking mind
We have to have faith "aw" that was so kind
Now tim lash turn around i'll fuck you from behind
There's hoes in the room , there's hoes in the car
There's hoes on stage , there's hoes by the bar
Hoe's by near and hoes by far
I would like a cupcafe *facepalm*
Welcome to the good vilage with the good girls
I see dead people that say fuck the world
Fuck the world well at least you're modest
All the girls suck , but irini is a goddness
Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly
I thought watching queer eye for the straight guy
The next few comments are taking a piss
Are you sure , are you ready for this ?
Aptins porta sou perno, perpatw stin gitonia
Tiganizeis psaria, katuraw sta fita
Peta mou ena kefte , kolimpaw sta skata
Ti wraia pu 'nai i ani3i poso xara
Tralalalalalalalalalalalala, klanw kai petaw, sta sinefa psila
Elena that was really long what is wrong with ya ?
I christina kai i elena einai papoutsosika
Oi rosides einai poutanes, yeah hoes
I'm a tranny coz i drink soup with my nose
Ahhh my mum's got bunyans, freaky geek
Big one's taste like oniouns, freaky geek
I like traxana coz i'm a pink elephant
Milfs all around me, i should be the president
I smile more than the joker, i'm like trololo
So how did i do yo tell me down below !