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Against All Authority

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Date de parution : 21/03/2000

Durée : 0:01:57

Style : Alternative

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Just keep your mouth shut your act of conscience protects everyone but now you've lost our trust and don't you try to obstruct us and now you're a target for us whistleblower, you're a whistleblower i heard you commit the truth your integrity protects us all cause when you speak out but in this institute it just serves to make you a target for us and we'll deny and we'll dispute it you will receive no praise and cause when you signed up, all your rights were waved you will be blacklisted for the lives that you've saved we know that it's our fault but you've brought production to a halt we'll demote, harass, dismiss and intimidate and we'll make sure to pack them full of salt so crawl back home and lick your wounds we own the images that you see hide this catastrophe you're just a target for us and now you're just a fucking target for us there's nothing that you can do the laws protect the industries

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