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Shh... don't explain that old refrain
How i wish i feel the same so please don't hesitate... procrastinate...
Deliver me now even though it's too late
You filled me up and then you let me drain
Made sure that you have left a stain
Oh but it's ok, no more to say
So much is undone but it doesn't matter anyway
*arabic part*
Ossetna khalsit min zaman
Bala ma nirga3 elly kan
Fe kalam kteer, fe ser kbeer
B3youn el ghareeb ma elha aman
El 3omr byemshy ma byentor 7ada
Ayyam betmor 3al hada
Byekhlas el 7aky, nahr el beky
Ma b3omr nihaya kan elha aman
*english part*
I'm breathing life from what remains
It tastes so sweet like sugar cane
All that's left of you... reminding you
I would give you up if you wanted me to
If you want me to...