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There was something inside
Derived while staying in sight
Despite the always growing cold, something untold, few get to hear
But this man had an ear
Heart and eyes to see
Stuck to the path, worked hard to keep his positivity
As a rose will have its thorns
A life with beauty so adorned
Still often stung
And would become
Something that he could accept
Except the one i knew so well
Familiarized himself in hell
His nights submerged in red lights
Spent trying to recall himself
But he couldn't find himself
And he can't shut it out
Nothing restores his peace, his only comfort is the steady panting of a beast
Questioning, in his confusion he rejects his faith for fear of all illusions
Tells himself he can make it through the night so long as he keeps it from his mind
Away from love that he once believed, only then it begins to bare its teeth
Can't move his feet forward, towards joy,
Looking for words to drown out the noise
But all he hears now is the barking that he can't shut out
Cant shut it out
It never leaves
It never leaves me
It never leaves
Can't find the strength to fight it off
Day and night it resides faithfully at his side
One voice could place his heart at ease, but he'll never know that relief
Seeing what's in the way from you he sings
Will this ever fucking leave me

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