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There was something inside
A truth realized, a reason to survive
But i can't hear your call
In fact don't hear from you at all
Now wolves encircle me
And you don't intervene
Now wolves encircle me
Try to run, chased for miles, then struck when i am fatigued
Can't find strength to fight this off
This animal's consuming me
I feel teeth sinking in my back,
My peace of mind has gone from me
Don't know if i'll ever get it back
I struggle through the night
We struggle through the night
Theres no end in sight
Now nothing restores my peace
Comfort robbed by constant piercing of their teeth
I try to refuse it but it takes its hold
Some resist their demons mine just keep me cold
Questioning, filled with confusion
I reject your love for fear it's an illusion
Joy will never sing my name
Silence my melody of shame
I just wanted to be free
I just wanted to be free

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