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King's X

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Date de parution : 28/12/1993

Durée : 0:03:18

Style : Rock

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Ozone disappearing in the sky
Bud man asking us why ask why
If i could find my magazine this bug would die
I complain

China boy standing up to a tank
Southern boy living in the house of yanks
If i can't seem to get my motorbike to crank
I complain

Complain so much easier

Small kid begging for a crumb of bread
Next kid bloated lying nearly dead
I wonder what to take for my aching head
I complain

Lots of people crying for a little rain
Whole nation learning how to live with pain
I don't know how i'm gonna clean this little stain
I complain

Complain so much easier

Black man singing mississippi blues
Africa starves a little baby drools
I'm trying to figure out all the basketball rules
I complain

Mr. rush limbaugh giving me the facts
Treetops falling and the newsman yaks
I'm thinking about carter
And how i'm gonna be taxed, hey

Complain so much easier

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