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Poor Old Lu

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Date de parution : 31/08/2010

Durée : 0:03:57

Style : Alternative

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I don't remember where this song came from... it was just 'there'. though a number of the songs off of 'sin' were written in the few weeks before recording started, this song was among those that were veterans by that time, and, in fact, we even recorded a rough demo for 'complain'. one of the notable items in this song is the two different lead vocal track sounds - one normal (and full sounding), while the other is very "mono" and slightly distorted. this wasn't only fun to do, but also created a "ask a question" and "give an answer" vibe to the various verses. on the last verse, of course, the tracks are switched so that the answering track is then "asking the questions", so to speak. there's something deep there, i imagine...somewhere. i still feel that this was the best song to start the album with. it's rough, strange, and hard to put your finger on... like much of 'sin'.

This song 'lyrically' kicks the album off just as it should... dealing with our sin, our indecision in sin, and the results thereof. though we may complain, so much of the situations that we find ourselves in are a direct result of our selfish decisions. so much of the pain that we deal with emotionally and spiritually are a result of turning our back on the lord. we may try to turn to the left or to the right, to pass the blame or to play the victim, but we need only look to ourselves to see the root of the issues we deal with.

Did you see my hands were tied?
I pierced this savior's side
Well, what have i done?
(what have we become?)

And more words to run it thru
To crush anything in you
And to trip it up

It's simple though i'm tired
Been unmoved, uninspired

Did you see my eyes were blind?
To even know what i had to find
Much less count the cost
(or count me for lost)

Insane for another day
So all is all right, okay
I trip it up

It's easy though i'm mad
Weathered so and sad...

To see the lies in me
And why (i never try)
But i'll stand (displeased) so cheap

Did you see my mouth was closed?
Of the priceless fill i know
Not a word to say
(i spoke anyway)

Well, i cried for an inside
An inside to realize
Oh, how tripped up

It's different though, i'm strange
I'll never, never change...

To see the lies in me
And why (i never try)
But i'll stand (displeased) so cheap

Did you see my head was dead?
To any right or good that's said
Would i bow?
(could you learn it now?)

Sick for a little hope
Hope that's a choke and joke
Christ - trip me up

I really see i'm free
When you carry me...

To see the lies i believe
And why (i'd ever try)
And i can pray (so deep) received

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