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Date de parution : 11/09/2012

Durée : 0:04:06

Style : R&B/Soul

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(verse 1)
It took a long, long time to realize just what i was missing in my life.
My heart seemed paralized to you arrived
In the past i had complained how i operated, i hesitate
When asked if a hand ill take to be your mate, to take my name
I kept holding on tightly i kept holding on
To something i didn't know
Maybe it was that maybe it was that i just wanted to stay in control.

(bridge 1)
But she showed me the way that love could be
When you surrender honestly.

I can breathe; i'm finally the man i want to be
I'm all the way dedicated, completely.

(verse 2)
Relentless love, you showed me so openly
So even when it gets rough i've never seen this kind of thing
Wanna share it all with you and elevate, heighten up this flame
Girl what i'm saying it's true if i cut my face, i'd bleed your name
We'll keep holding on tightly we'll keep holding on
Cause you're the mate for my soul yeah
Ain't looking back ain't looking back i am free from all control

(bridge 2)
You showed me the way that love should be
When you surrender honestly.

(chorus) (rep 1x)
(instrumental break)

(chorus) (rep 3xs)

Ooooh oh, oh________ ooooh
The man i want to be, yeah. completely.

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