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Yeah, lapret, the platinum kid
And this is, complex

(hook) damar j
Every time you build me up,
You break me down,
You love unsound,
Your complex

(rap 1)
Okay, take 5, meet me back in the morning
Hopefully then imma catch you fallin'
Back in love, wit' your prince charming
Yes it is i, lapret the platinum kid
I'm damn near through with lovin' on you
Cos' it so complex, the way you do
You love me one minute then next you're through
You got me in a cage, national zoo
Remember when i loved you girl, non-stop
I scored you like a touchdown, run you like a cab clock
Beat it up for you boo, til' you say stop
X must've marked that spot-spot
So don't you dare say, i was never there for you
On tour i phoned you i did what i had too
So what's 'live', ripa no regis,
Plead guilty, cos' girl you just killed this hope
For reconciliation, yep
I'm getting' impatient, nope
There's no hesitation
For me and you in this separation

(repeat hook)

(rap 2)
So complex, like hood projects
Yes wit' you girl, i had good sex
But then you changed,
So now i'm lovin' you tough
Way back when, i couldn't get it, enough
Yes me and you girl, yeah we shine so bright
Now can you tell me who turned off the lights?
We laughed and we talk, now we fuss and we fight
Behind our backs, now they say we can't get it right
It was so simple, it was basic tho
So what went wrong? where's the 'anna-dote'?
No girl, your no puppeteer
And nope there's no puppets here
See every time i build it up
You just knock it down
Maybe you should sound it out
Hooked on phonics now
Truthfully girl, i'm just being honest
No it's not that super bass
Lol no smiley face, it's just

(repeat hook twice)

(rap 3)
I swear it's the way,
That cha' makin me feel
Cuz baby on the real,
I, wanna 'play the field'
But baby there's no reason for me to take it there
Unless i count the times that you switch it up
(yeah, you see right thru me)
Nicki minaj, i'm walkin in the park
With the new jill scott
I swear girl you blow me
Man i thought you had me
Down pack, tight like (compact)
Eeny, meeny, miny, (moe)
Girl i just gotta let cha (know)
That imma have ta let cha (go)
(though it's killing me inside)
Uh, huh, they say a dime a dozen
Is that what they come?
And if so, where the hell i
(get you from?)
See baby i don't think-think, that you get it yet
Redd foxx girl, and it's the real heart attack

(repeat hook twice)


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