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Excuse me girl, i dont mean to bud in
And i aint trynna make a scene and nuthin
But you got a face i done seen in magazines and somethin
Kinda legs that the models be seen them struttin
Some pretty brown eyes and i seen them cuttin
In my direction, but i mean its nuthin
If you have another man, or have other plans
Other than, cruisin the city with this brother man
On the other hand, if you wanna give your feet a rest
I take you where you goin i just need a steet address
That got her to blush,
I told her if she not in a rush, i know this lil spot on the hush
Its like a pop hub, mixed with a hot club
You can pop bub and it even got grub
I ride the top dubs, that do not rub
That usually get my top scrubbed in the hot tub
But esther, kept makin these gestures
That niggas like me dont even impress her
I became the aggressor, started to press her
She worked for some investor who startin to stress her
Go to school but this her last semester
She even get harrassed by her college professor
She just want a nigga thatll love her right
Said she passed on the spot like "maybe another night
But, she aint in no hurry to head home
From there i was in her ear, just like headphones
So i inquired, what she desired
I started askin questions, like i was wired
And i could see, that she openin up to it
Its late but i haven't ate, hopin she up to it
She like "no, i had dinner already,
"but if its sauce at your crib i make a mean spaghetti
Now im on the highway like andretti
Within a couple minutes we was back at the rest
I told her make herself at home, dont act like a guest
She said "i know guys like you be attracting the best"
"but you dont even know me, bet not try shit
Talkin with that attitude, rollin her eye shit
"you tryin to seduce me with all this fly shit
But it aint that easy to get up in my shit"
Look, let it go course
I will use no force
Oh yeah, i forgot, i aint got no sauce
"see, you aint care about gettin the food
You was more about bringin me here, gettin me nude"
I said "hold up babygirl, you gettin it screwed
That might have been on my mind but i didnt be rude
She said "i can respect that, but i dont expect that
Looked like you was tryin somethin so i had to check that
I told her "dont trip though, we can move lighter than a tiptoe

And sip on this hennessy and hypno
She started gigglin, now im figurin,
I stay on my cool shit she might let a nigga in
I throw some more jigga and notorious biggie in
A lot of ass wigglin, tetas jigglin
Then she jumped on me and reached through my monkeys
I started kissin on her neck, grabbin her donkey
Its bout to get funky, im tuggin on her zipper
She jumped up and got undressed quicker than a stripper
I aint rushed, i played with it like 20 minutes
Had my hand all up her like i left money in it
Had one of the fattest asses i seen
And was throwin it at me after them glasses of green
I layed back in the passenger lean
I unfasten my jeans, she hit the pipe just as fast as a fiend
Then she hopped on your boy quick
Went up, down, round and round, all on the joystick
The girl screamin like shes in labour
Hittin mariah notes thatll wake up the neighbors
So now im ready to introduce her to the backshots
The yac got me in and out her like the crackspot
Im hittin that exact spot with the smackshots
Out of no where she yellin like she hit the jackpot
To make the long story short i couldnt control her ass
She came first i came last, rolled the grass
As i break the cush, i ask her for her math
She got up, grabbed her jeans bust into a laugh
Said "you probably try every girl thatll cross your path"
I said "you trippin again, take a sipp of the henn
Then this lil breezy came across greasy
"f-a-beezy, you so easy!
Matta fact sleezy, your game so cheesy
But a bitch cant lie, the dick is off the heezy"
Truthfully you pass through my block like every day
Same time, same coupe, i be on the same stoop
Watchin, knowin that i could have you if i wanted
You see me, theres no doubt ima be confronted
So today you finally opened your eyes
Hopin to try, to get me here open my thighs
This was a challenge for me, that wasnt hard
And i know you probably could have f****d a dozen broads
But you was my hoe tonight (me?)
And i got a nigga waitin up for me at home, so goodnight


Wow! this bitches is crazy man (crazy, what the ****!)! this bitch gon tell me?
Listen to this shit son, this bitch gon tell me (do you believe this shit?)
Yo, matter of fact, this shit dont even matter man
Word up man, i got the ****in pussy anyway hahaha
(she was tryin to **** anyway, tryin to hide the ring on her finger or sumthin, hahaha
Dont let this bitch outta town man! im easy, im easy hahaha)

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