Paroles de Conceited messages (skit)

Remy Ma

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Date de parution : 01/01/2006

Durée : 0:01:46

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(phone ringing)
Voice mail greeting:
Kid: "all u niggaz, callin here for my mommy, stay of her shit! like that daddy?"
(first unheard messege)
Guy: now u don't answer the phone, fuckin bitch. that's why i fucked the shit outta you u fuckin bitch! i hope all them terror squad niggaz is runnin thru u u fuckin bitch! and i'ma call the radio station about how i fucked the shit outta u and i had my dick in ur mouth u bitch! i fuckin hate chu u fuckin dirrty bitch. fuckin black ass pussy, i ain't callin u neva again! next time i see u i'ma put my dick right in ur mouth u bitch!
(click) messege erased
Guy: yooo! call me back yo! i was just playin yo! call me back yo just, nah mean? i wanna talk to you for a minute. k? alright
(click) messege erased
Girl: yo remy? u dont' know me but i'm just aware of the fact that i'm the bitch that's fuckin my man. and when his phone be ringing over and over again, early in the morning, that be me. he lives with me. he loves me. i'm not going no where. we have 33 kids together. and i ain't going no where. he loves me. he lives with me, and tell him when he get home, i'm fuckin him up!
(click) messege erased
Girl: yo rem, itz me! whoever u with, ditch that nigga! i'm with two niggaz right now and they ready to do everything son! everything! yo, one nigga talkin bout, there's sum um bout remy... check this out, when u get this messege, bring the dutches wit chu when u come, and son, this time, do not forget the cam corder!

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