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Let them say this love has no ending
'cause i smile, i took my time then
But it took restaurant spending
Till i was sure that she'd be all mine

Let's see how it was that i met her
And my love, i did confess then
Years ago at that small cafe
Where she worked bright and early each morning

No one else could care just the same as
Conchita, the waitress, my darling friend
'cause she seemed so steady, no nonsense
All ready with coffee each time we met

I ay que pasteles deliciosos como tu mi amiga

Have you heard the truth about love yet?
It will wane or steadily grow on
Well, i grew to love this conchita
And of course she'd soon be knowing

So i bought a gold ankle bracelet
Dropped it into my empty cup
And i said, "conchita, look what's left
Won't you please come here and fill me up?"

When she looked she got so embarrassed
She said with compassion, "do you want to choke?"
And she turned away from the table
I cried out, "i love you, this is no joke"

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