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Nate Dogg

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Date de parution : 04/12/2001

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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i'm from the jungle with the concrete streets
you don't wanna rumble wit the real o.g.'s
man i'll plant ya like a chronic seed
and ya girl done ran away wit me
i can show you how to catch these freaks
i can show you how to beat these streets
i can show you how to crack the safe
let me show you how to break that bank

(nate dogg)
ain't a damn thang changed
still rollin on dana danes
still packin steel claimin dpg
i always keep my thang
always got weed on my brain
always got a dime piece wit me
i'm gone let yo roll call
i'm gone ball till i fall
keep it gangsta just for all of ya'll
be what you want me to be
nate d, o, double g
bangin from the west to the east


(nate dogg)

no need to fight it baby
i know you want it lady
i can tell by the way you watch me
i like the way that you walk
i like the way that you talk
ooh what that accent does to me
yeah i still claim 213
yeah i still bang dpg
hang wit nate, snoop, and warren g
yeah i got hoes that love me
got gangstas bangin my beats
i got hoes from here to overseas


(nate dogg)
i need a gangsta lady
one from around the way
i need a girl that likes to play everyday
she said her friend wants to see
she said her friend is nasty
i say you get your friend and come right away

(chorus 2x)

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