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Date de parution : 01/06/2012

Durée : 0:04:24

Style : Heavy Metal

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Murder and manslaughter ruled my life
Eliminated my enemies and killed my wife
Nothing to lose, i'm condemned to death
Enjoy the prison, till my last breath

Either you kill or you will be killed, this was my sacred system
No possibility to live with these rules, i followed my wisdom
I have no regrets about my evil deeds, this was the way to exist
Wriggle my neck out of the noose could make an artist

My fate is decided life or death
I whil away the time with games of chess
I wished for a better end not to wait for my execution
My name will be deleted this will be my termination

It's gruesome to wait for the unknown, i don't know my fate
Killing time and wait for mercy, that's what i hate
Living in fear and trepidation there's hope yet
I'm in fear of god, he has decided about my punishment

Many years passed all of these were past
Nothing has changed, every evening could be last
Apathy becomes apparent, i feel so brainless
I know for certain, i will die a natural death

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