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Blake & Brian

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Date de parution : 19/08/1997

Durée : 0:03:35

Style : Country

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Wounded and weary, he camt riding through our camp, he said, "this war's almost over boys, go on back to birmingham", but i
Still could hear the thunder of the cannons in my head, as i walked 200 miles among the living and the dead
I could only pray i had a home to go home to, oh, i left my young bride waiting in a path of union blue, now visions of her
Haunt me on this lonely road tonight, and i'd surrender all of dixie if i could just hold my...

Confederate rose, heaven hold her safe till i get home, and the angels know, she's the sweetest southern flower ever grown
My confederate rose

Hey, mister have you seen her, a girl with raven hair, he said, "look out in the church yard, son, a lot of us are there", a
Broken heart will trick a mind and say that she's not gone, but my eyes just couldn't lie about the name there on the stone

Confederate rose, confederate rose

A tender hand upon my shoulder sent a chill all over me, i turned and saw my darling and, cried "oh, lord how can this be",
She said, "that's not me a lyin' there, but some you never knew, oh, i may have named her after me, but she looked just like

Confederate rose, heaven hold her safe till we get home, and the angels know
She's the sweetest southern flower ever grown, our confederate rose

Confederate rose

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