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Date de parution : 20/04/2005

Durée : 0:01:4

Style : R&B/Soul

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Hello mr. payne, this is the digital bell conference operator
(how ya doin?)
I have all party's on the line with the exception of mr. combs
Would you like me to do a roll call?
Ricky bell? - (yo what up?)
Ralph tresvant? - (yo i'm here)
Ronnie divoe? - (yea'hello)
Johnny gil? - (yeah i'm here)
Michael bivins? - (yeah, i'm here, what up struck?)
(what up mike)

I don't mean to sound unprofessional but are you guys new edition?
(yeah that's us baby)
Oh cool
Ok if you can please hold, i'll try mr. combs again

(so wassup ya'll, how ya'll feelin' bout this?)
(this bad boy ... man, i'm excited)
(bad boy and n.e.? .. c'mon man thats history makin')
(ayo ya'll know how i feel about it,
We need to stop playin and go out and get this money)
(that's what i'm sayin' ... that's what i think)
(if everything's right it'll be big)
(yeah, what ya'll really dont realize is that..
I mean this sh*t sounds excitin'and everything right now man
But you just wait til uh ... we get to that point
Where we have disagreements then ya'll gonna really realize
That ya'll dealin' with a whole different motherf*cker man)
(yo, i hear what everybody's sayin' man ya know,
On the real man i spoke to him last night, ya know he was like
"yo, what ya'll doin'?" i was like "man we ain't doin nothin',
We tryin' to make albums", yo he was like "yo, i'm in man,
Put me in the biddin' war")
(yo that's what i'm sayin' mike, like you know
Let's just make this happen, man it's all positive ya know)

Excuse me, mr. combs has just been added to the call
If you need any assistance, dial zero

(p. diddy)
Ay yo, what up fellas?
Ya'll ready to make history?
Let's do this.

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