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Three shots upon the sky
Three bluebirds flying high
Three sons remind me why i ended up in crown heights.

Confidence you know you want it all
Believe in yourself
Even after the fall i wish i knew that one a long long time.

Now when i walk in the streets,
I got that hop in my steps
Chest out,
Head back,
Do you know what i rep.
I strut like a rasta though i'm been chased by death.
I will be gone till whenever like the song by wyclef
Listen to music always give me vision.
See me on the streets i'll be walking to the rhythm
Focus in my face that' the way ,i'm straight living.
Champion heart from the start to the beginning.
I've been looking for a palace, the crown and a throne
Click clack around krakow typing on my phone
Tackling my demons but ,you know that by now.
Hasidic reggae superstar tell you all how
Got it on the inside i don't need to wear it out.
Can't say am not religious, i just let go of doubt.

A-aye yay-y

I like old things that go slow antiques and such
So you know i'm an old soul.....
That's the way i like to go
I'm thankful for the bumps i like to feel the road
How can i defend against snakes & scorpions ?
Trying to be your friend but then they cut you in the end.
I feel sleep move in collapse and give in then i start again
How can i pretend?

(to be continued...........)

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