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The Rembrandts

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Date de parution : 14/08/1990

Durée : 0:03:12

Style : Rock

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She tried to keep a secret-swore she'd never tell
Double-crossed her heart and hoped to die
You see she had this awful habit, of talking in her sleep
And when she dreamed at night, she couldn't tell a lie
She contemplated suicide, but couldn't follow through
Felt the guilt alone would do her in
'cause the man who loved and trusted her, would never feel the same for her
If she let the truth be known, where she had been, known
Confidential information-in a dream a true confession
She didn't mean to give away such confidential information
She had to find an alibi-he questioned her no end
Did this come from some experience she'd had?
She said she had a wild imagination, yet her passion was for him
And in explainin', she confessed how she'd gone bad
Oh so bad
He said...maybe it's the moonlight, or somethin' 'bout the darkness
But i feel i must forgive you either way
And with those words she woke to find him lying, sleeping by her side
And her secret could be kept another day
(chorus 2x)
Confidential information
She didn't mean to give away such, confidential information

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