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She's always askin' him what he wants to do how many times does he have =
To say, he's fucking confused? he'd run away but they're nowhere else to =
Run why do they try to conform us? we just wanna have fun we gotta =
Fight, fight, fight fight for our youth confused youth "why don't you go =
To school? you need to grow up." they're so inatuated like growing up is =
Something you shoot up some girls my age they want to have a baby some =
Of them wanna get married... they're fucking crazy we gotta fight, =
Fight, fight fight for our youth confused youth adults like to bring us =
Up to be and act like them if we don't act alike discard and try again =
There is no room deep in their eyes for an individual "conform" and =
"stand in line" make sure you fit the mold it's alright to grow old, to =
Mature and become wise too bad all they seem to want is to die in =
Ignorance "straighten your back, straighten your face and lose your =
Grin" "it's time to be serious, think hard but always give in" "you are =
The inferior, open your eyes and close your mouth" "grow up to be just =
Like me watch and follow with no doubt" train children like a dog "try =
Not to get in the way" "when i talk you should obey" "try not to get in =
The way" it's not a war what are you fighting for? life's not a war =
There's no need to conform we need help but not everyday there's no need =
To, no need to use force we need help but not in every single way we =
Don't need utter control "why don't you go to school? you need to grow =
Up" like growing up is something that you just shoot up all of us we'd =
Run away, but where would we go? just loosen your grip on our leash you =
Don't have to let go we gotta fight, fight, fight fight for our youth =
Confused youth
Submitted by: mel

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